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tips for essay writing May 5, 2012

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Tips for essay writing
Before you begin writing your essay, look through the marking criteria
in your unit information. Also check your study guide for information
relevant to your topic.
Now, develop your own interpretation of the question. You can make
sure you’re on the right track by running it by a friend or other
students online.
Pre-writing and further research
•       Brainstorm ideas about your topic
•       Write down the who, what, when, where, why and how
•       Draw diagrams or a checklist of the ideas raised by your essay
•       Research – focus on information that will improve your
understanding of the key points
•       Organise your notes into the main points of your essay
•       Plan your response by ordering your arguments, developing your
explanations and identifying the strongest supporting evidence
Essay structure
•       Clarify your point of view
•       Outline essay structure
•       Explain importance of topic
•       Define key terms
•       Explain main points
•       Stick to one idea per paragraph
•       Include supporting evidence and examples
•       Order your points according to importance
•       Summarise your main points
•       State your argument
•       Never introduce new ideas in the conclusion – however you can,
include further questions raised by your essay
Final revision and editing
You need to show you understand the topic. Ensure that your arguments
are well developed, your points are clearly expressed and your
evidence ‘stacks up’.
•       Have you referenced accurately and provided a bibliography?
•       Is your writing tight and persuasive?
•       Is your essay thorough and complete?
Proof your final copy
Before submitting your essay, check your spelling and grammar and make
sure you have answered the question.


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