Karyn Zlatkovic

Counselling & Psychology ~ Gold Coast, Qld – Lismore, NSW

about May 12, 2009

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I am an Australian and have lived in Barcelona & Madrid in Spain, Phuket & Bangkok in Thailand, and in the Central Deserts of Australia around my home town of Alice Springs. I have been teaching English for five years in Central Australia, Asia & Europe. I have tutored literacy and numeracy as well as history, geography and art in primary, secondary and tertiary level (University). This blog is to share information with my students and colleagues. I also provide English language writing services – writing, proof reading, editing and copy writing. Now in my 3rd year of psychological science, my blog posts are starting to become more focussed on psychology and counseling.


2 Responses to “about”

  1. Jimbo Says:

    Hi Señorita Cariño,

    I was perusing the forums and blogs about information on attaining the proper work permits to work in Spain as an Australian citizen, and everywhere I have looked, it seems as though it is almost impossible, unless you choose to work there illegally. I really want to go Spain as well, as I´ve spent some time studying it during university, and I just wanted to ask for your experience, and how you were able to attain work. (Not sure if this post will actually reach you, but fingers crossed!) – Thanks so much, btw

    • profesoraingles Says:

      Hi Jimbo,
      Lucky for me I’m a dual citizen, British-Australian so my British passport allowed me to live and work in Spain legally. Otherwise, if you have a degree and you get a job in a university or international school you can get a working visa in this way. Alternatively you may find an Australian job you can do remotely such as travel writing, so you get paid in Australian dollars into an Australian bank account. If none of these options are suitable you may be better off to get a working holiday visa for England and travel to Spain for your holidays.
      Best of luck

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